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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brigid's Candle

I'm lucky enough to be well connected to the energies of the Celtic Goddess and Saint, Brigid. I'd heard of her but never paid much attention until one night I felt a big presence in front of me and her name popped into my head. If ever there was a calling, that was it. I don't think it's an accident that she is equally revered by pagans and Irish Catholics, because I am equal parts of both earth centered spirituality and my Christian roots.

She has a feast day which is all one of the lesser pagan holidays, Candlemas or Imbolc. It is a day of candles and a sense of the earth starting to wake up after a long winter. Here in east-central Iowa spring is a faint glimmer at the beginning of February but the sun is noticeably stronger, the finches and cardinals start singing their mating songs, and the sap starts to rise in the maples. This is really my most holy holiday although I don't always celebrate it as much as I'd like to.

This simple little candle drawing is my homage to Brigid. May she light your path as well.

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